What makes your eyeglasses special

What makes them special is that each pair of prescription glasses is unique and different from every other pair of prescription glasses. How is that possible? Because every pair of prescription glasses is made to your unique requirements – your “prescription” – your unique measurements: vision correction, shape and size of your eyes, shape of your face, and your preferences and choices for special lens features and frame styles. Your glasses are like custom-tailored clothes – unique to you! 

Prescription glasses are made in “optical laboratories”. Contrary to the name, these “laboratories” do not use beakers and test tubes.  But they do use the specifications and quality control of a high-tech laboratory. Optical laboratories specialize in producing custom-made, unique-for-your-prescription glasses for each individual order they receive.  Optical laboratories supply those glasses to the eyecare professionals who serve you.

OLA Members are optical laboratories who have joined OLA to be sure they have the most up-to-date information about the best available technology to make your glasses – the lens features, the frame materials and styles, and the fabricating technology. Ask your eyecare professional if the lab they use is an OLA Member.

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