THE OLA 2009, 2010 Classes (Audio + Video)

Now OLA  Members can access all of the classes from THE OLA 2009 AND THE OLA 2010 24/7 with an active Internet connection!  

These classes cannot be downloaded for viewing off-line or accessed without an active Internet connection.  OLA will provide you with a disk for the class you wish to access for a nominal fee.  Please contact OLA by email (, phone (703-548-6619, 800-477-5652) or fax (703-548-4580) to make your request.

All of these classes were recorded at the time they were presented at THE OLA.  The audio and visuals play at the same time without you having to do anything further.

On the catalog page, just click on the title of the presentation you wish to view.  The presentation will begin on its own.

You will see the following titles in the main section:  


2009 Session Titles 2010 Session Titles
  • The University - Surfacing
  • The University - Finishing
  • Work Flow Without Tray Stacking
  • Future of Finishing
  • Remote Frame Tracing - Will Its Day Ever Come?
  • OLA Technical and Legal Forum
  • Lab Design - What Works Best!
  • AR - Are you Ready? Which Process?
  • Digital Surfacing - Is It Really Time?
  • Backside Coating - Get the Best Results
  • Managing your AR Startup - Lessons Learned
  • Managing Outsourced Jobs


  • Digital Technologies - Experience from Labs
  • Succession Planning, Tax Planning and Debt Analysis for Today's Independent Optical Companies
  • Creating the Nothing-Left-to-Chance Experience
  • Separating Process from Product: The fall of Romance from an Industry
  • New Ansi Z80.1 and Z87.1 Standards - What they Mean for Labs
  • Developing and Enhancing your Lab's Web Presence
  • Finishing Departments SOPs
  • Surfacing University
  • Marketing Your Lab in Today's Complex Market
  • New Regulations Affecting Your Lab and YOur Business
  • Health Care Revorm - What It Means to Your Lab, Your Business and Your Customers















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